Leadership Styles And Its Influence On Corporate Culture Essay

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For a long time, leadership styles have had a huge effect on small, medium and large organisations and ultimately they form the corporate culture which influences the company as a whole as well as its performances. Predominantly, Leadership styles are made up of five cultural styles set out as below;
• Autocratic
• Democratic
• Laissez-faire
• Transformational
• Transactional

In the conditions and circumstances of running a start-up, leadership style will influence corporate culture, motivate or de-motivate employees, and increase or decrease power of influence. It is important to make use of a leadership style that is consistent with the goals and activities of your company. Each organisation has its own specific way to reach out and motivate their employees and at the same time, managers incorporate their own personal and specific style to accomplish the objectives of the organisation.
Autocratic Leadership
A leader with an ‘autocratic’ style could be held in the same context as a ‘dictator’, running a sole decision-maker whose objectives and directives is not allowed to be questioned. Power and authority are intense and these types of leaders are only interested in accomplishing the organisations objectives, irrelevant of employee morale or happiness. These type of leaders generally distance themselves from their employees and more often than not meet the objectives by fear motivation to their employees i.e. punishment rather than reward, if the targets are not met.…

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