Leadership Styles And Employee Retention Essay

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Leadership Styles and Employee Retention
The workforce in the United States is more diverse than ever. Organizations throughout the United States are becoming more diverse in the aspect of leadership. Leadership in this country is crucial; it is the center for every organization. The key to an organization’s success is highly dependent on effectiveness of leadership. The main functions of a leader are is to accomplish the task given and lead members of the team to the goal. Leaders are expected to keep interpersonal relations, judge problems, and provide Encouragement. Employee retention is one of the most critical issues facing some leaders.
Many fast food organizations are having problems with employee turnover. When an employee leaves the organization the present employees have to fill the gap until a new employee is appointed. Staff turnover impacts on employee performance because they get disrupted on their daily work performance.
Through this research article we will find out why employee turnover happens. There are many factors that may affect employee turnover rate. Some factors may consist of absentees, compensation, employee satisfaction, employee motivation, employee involvement, Salary etc. The fast food industry thrives on manpower and a shortage of manpower would be a big challenge to the fast food industry.

Problem Statement
The purpose of this study is to determine the factors that affect employee retention in the fast food industry in order to find out…

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