Leadership Styles Adapting Essay example

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In a modern society competition exists in every scope and businesses are not exceptional. As companies struggle to get more efficiency and profitability good management is certainly needed. It is argued that a qualified leader should know how to motivate people and deal with problems in the most effective way. Moreover, managers have to set objectives for companies in order to check whether the labours are working in a right direction and tasks are doing properly. However, not the same as before, business and situations are changing all the time. Facing a more complicated condition and people with different backgrounds, I believe that different leadership styles should be adopted to meet different kinds of situations and employees although …show more content…
If the labours are all highly skilled and creative they have the confidence to manage their own tasks effectively. What companies need to do is give some advices and let them go. Those employees don¡¯t need too much instructions but a good working condition or freedom of work. In order to achieve this, Laissez-faire is more likely to be used. For example, Microsoft is a company which treats its qualified workers like this. However, it can sometimes cause a poor productivity and bad motivation because the incentive of working hard is very few. On the contrast, a group of low level workers tend to be controlled stricter by managers because of the lack of efficiency and skills. Managers will choose to give them a time limited of producing a particular amount of products. Bonus or punishment is also needed in order to motivate them.

Furthermore, the nature of task might affect the leadership style which depends on whether it needs a quicker response or precision (Chambers, 2004). If it needs an immediate result an autocratic style of leadership may be required. It is because the high speed of decision is needed and there is no time for any lower levels to argue. In addition, a perfect procedure is more preferred by producing this sort of goods such as medicine. Fourthly, being strong connected to the task, time is an important reason for varying styles of management. As the company¡¯s project needs to be finished

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