Situational Leadership Style Approach

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There are many different styles of leadership. There is no right or wrong leadership styles. Leadership is defined by Northouse, P. G. (2013). “as a process whereby, an individual influence a group of individuals to achieve a common goal.” Leaders and their followers work closely together to accomplish a common goal. In this short paper Style and Situational Approaches will be discuss.
Leadership Style Approach(Leadership) focus on what a leader does to become effective leaders rather than who they are as a leader. Moreover, leaders engage in two types of leaderships they are: task and relationship behaviors. Northouse, P. G. (2013). States that “How leaders combine these two types of behaviors to influence others is the central focus of the style approach.” Therefore, task behaviors are how employees respond to the job and their surrounding are receptive to this job. Moreover, task behaviors according to, (task management, n.d.) states, that “Workers who follow task behavior are able to reach desired performance levels that are defined by their employer or manager.”
In addition, Leadership Style Approaches proposes an agenda on how assessing leadership in an extensive way to one’s behavior with task and relationship dimension. Moreover, style approach works by how leaders work rather than telling leaders how to work or
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In addition to, situational leadership is flexible method that allows leaders to adapt to the needs of their followers and those around them. On the other hand, Style approach can be applied with ongoing leadership situation. Northouse, P.G. (2103). States that Style Approach applies to nearly everything a leader does. It is an approach that used as a model by many training and development companies to teach managers how to improve their effectiveness and organizational

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