Leadership Style Of Steve Jobs Essay

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Leadership is a study of individuals who have the ability to inspire and convince people towards a meaningful direction which would lead to both personal and professional growth. This field of study encompasses the understanding and critical appraisal of how leadership theories and perspectives are impacting working of employees within an organisation (Isaacson, 2012). There are major theoretical approaches of leadership, they include, trait (1930’s and 1940s), the leader behavioral (1940s and 1950s), situational (contingency) (1960s and 1970s) and integrative (Chuang, 2013) approaches.
In this regard an evaluation would be done on the contemporary leadership issues of a global approach and change management (Wikström, 2006).
The report would be aimed at analyzing the leadership style of Steve Jobs who was heading Apple Inc for a long time and what impact it had on the organisation during his tenure. It is also aimed at understanding how the leadership baton is continuing after he passed way by other members of his team and how it is different from Jobs style (Sharma & Grant, 2011).
The report would analyze in detail the above area of leadership management, conclude the main findings and then suggest recommendations for the future growth of Apple under the new leadership of Tim Cook (Baldoni, 2005).
Leadership style of Steve Jobs-
The leadership style of Steve Jobs has been appreciated world over for its effectiveness but has been criticized by people…

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