Leadership Style Of Steve Jobs Essay

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Throughout history there has been many types of leaders. For example, there are people who are autocratic like Adolf Hitler and those who are democratic such as President Barack Obama. Then there are leaders who run their companies in a laissez-faire way like Steve Jobs. People who lead in a laissez-faire leadership style are leaders who allows their team to take control in decision making and in their part of the assignment. Basically, the leader is not micromanaging their team members. Laissez-faire leaders do receive some criticism because some believe nothing gets accomplished under this type of leadership. There are exceptions to the rule, as Apple’s old Chairman Steve Jobs proved to the world. By studying Steve Jobs’ life and analyzing his leadership style, one can learn out how to create their own startup company and make it successful under a laissez-faire leadership.
Steve Jobs was born in San Francisco on February 24, 1955. When Jobs was a small child, his birth mother decided to give him up for adoption. One of the main requirements Jobs’ birth mother had for the adopting parents is that they were college graduates as she wanted her son to go to college. The parents who were originally going to adopt Steve decided last minutes that they wanted to have a baby girl instead. In the end, the parents that did adopt Jobs did not attend college, making Jobs’ birth mother not wanting to sign the papers. Eventually, she signed the papers, and Jobs’ adopted parents made…

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