Leadership Style of Google Ceo; Eric Schmidt Essay

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This paper analyzes the leadership style of Google CEO; Eric Schmidt based on the of leadership concepts outlined by David Messick in his essay "On the Psychological Exchange Between Leaders and Followers". Eric Schmidt measures up very well on all the dimensions except Protection-Security. In his paper, Messick analyzes leadership by focusing on the relationship between leaders and followers. Messick postulates that followers chose to be led because doing so provides them certain benefits. In choosing to be led, the followers act in ways beneficial to the leader. Thus leaders and followers are linked together in a symbiotic psychological relationship by exchanging benefits. Messick identifies five dimensions along which this exchange …show more content…
3. Let your followers own the problems you want them to solve
4. Allow people to function outside the company hierarchy
5. Review your team's results by someone they respect.
How Eric Schmidt measures on the Messick's five dimensions
I. Get to know your followers Erics success at Sun, Novell and now Google can largely be attributed to his efforts at energizing the workforce of software engineers (technologists, geeks). He is intimately aware of their strengths and weaknesses. e.g. An engineer's obsession with being truthful and precise. When asked a question, they are more likely to answer only that specific question and nothing else. They are so particular about being truthful, that someone not familiar with this behavior may interpret the engineer to be concealing facts or even lying. However, when asked the right question, they provide highly effective information. Society stereotypes engineers and technologists as having poor social skills. While true in general, engineers are very social within their community. They communicate effectively amongst themselves and are organized into different sub-communities (mainframe-era graybeards, Unix people, pc-web generation, Linux aficionados etc.). They enjoy publicity, are deeply interested in having an impact, and making the world a better place. This leadership style primarily provides benefits on the "Vision-Direction" dimension. It helps Eric formulate a vision, his followers are

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