Leadership Style at Applied Research Technologies, Inc Essay

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Date: 11/14/12
Header: Leadership Style at Applied Research Technologies, Inc.


Header: Leadership Style at Applied Research Technologies, Inc. 1. Determine the leadership style that Peter Vyas exhibited as he considered the group’s proposal and provide examples of his behavior.
As a general manager of the Filtration Unit of Applied Research Technologies (ART), Peter Vyas notices that his teamwork had worked hard diligently to get his project on the right track successfully. The goal of his plan is to reconstruct a mini water-oxidation product. In spite of having two failures to reach the outcomes of
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She proposes to reduce the cost of the project by omitting the RIMOS products. Furthermore, Jackson is concerned about the team’s pro forma financials in which she thinks there is short of data to support the team’s assumption. She encourages the unit to execute their task more diligently to prove their assumption. It is concluded that leadership style of Cynthia Jackson is focused on more supportive behavior rather than emphasis on tasks.
Header: Leadership Style at Applied Research Technologies, Inc. 3. Typify your leadership style and indicate how you would let your team know your response to this proposal.
The leadership style I prefer to behave is consultative behavior because there is strong potential ability to show my responsibility in regard with performing tasks; meanwhile, there is strong emphasis on the supportive dimension in order to influence my team’s performance more effectively. This type of leadership provides me an opportunity to motivate individuals and gives them more confidence and positive energy (By James P. Lewis, 2003, McGraw-Hill: Project Leadership). The power of behaving as supportive project leader depends on my personality type and my capability to innovate incentives to create impact on my team-members impressively. For instance, I deliver my response to this proposal by working very closely to my group project to share my suggestions and ideas with them and spur their efforts by offering incentives such as bonus, more

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