Personal Leadership Vision

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Leadership Vision
Healthcare is continuously changing with new innovations, technology, policies, and regulations. Strong leadership is required to effectively meet these demands. Strong leadership is also key in retention and improved safety. Leaders must be self-aware and know their strengths, weaknesses, and core values. Leaders must equip themselves with up to date knowledge and education. They must continually develop and strengthen. A leader who creates a culture of trust, empowerment, and development will have a positive effect on staff. The purpose of this paper is to provide my personal leadership style, vision of leading in healthcare, influences, strengths, limitations, and personal development.
Personal Leadership Style

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One of my strengths as a leader is that I communicate with all staff up to date information about organizational or unit goals, practice changes, successes, and failures. I also ensure staff are able to communicate their feedback and ideas. I clearly explain to staff the rationale for decisions being made that affect them. I am reliable and strive to deliver on my commitments. I am not afraid to admit my shortcomings and continuously look to develop my strengths and weaknesses. I consistently strive to see the positive in staff and encourage their development. I recognize and reward staff for their ideas, feedback, and …show more content…
I believe as leaders we have a responsibility to continually seek to improve and develop. “Your professional development is largely down to you; you need to take responsibility, you need to supply the effort and you need to take control” (Fowler, 2011). One step I am currently taking to assist in growth and development is to identify a mentor. A mentor offers guidance, insight, opportunities, and constructive feedback. I am currently active in the MSN in healthcare administration program. This program has increased my knowledge around effective leadership, evidence based practice, and research. I will utilize the knowledge gained and incorporate into my leadership practice to help guide my decisions and

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