Leadership Skills and Criminal Justice Essay

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Leadership Skills for Criminal Justice Professionals
Leadership involves the commitment, dedication, and risk taking attitude of the individual, which also includes other skills to accomplish the tasks. “In a criminal justice organization, leadership is essential to the success of the goals of the organization” (McKinney, 2008).Criminal justice professionals should develop and maintain leadership skills in their professional and personal lives because they are role models, and their decision-making is suppose to be trusted by the public. The field of criminal justice is very broad, which includes professions like law enforcement, information security, and forensic science; however, there are many career choices in that field that require
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By applying analytics to forge an information-led strategy, criminal justice leaders can make decisions based on solid, robust data and allocate resources effectively to guide prevention, intervention and/or suppression tactics. Sometimes it is good to solicit opinions and obtain feedback from those that can be trusted or have had a similar situation to contend with.
Finally, although most careers include some level of stress, some more than others, careers in the criminal justice field may be considered more stressful than any of the others. “In a career that deals with public safety, law enforcement, crime and punishment, and legal maneuvers, stress is inescapable” (Qualities of Good Criminal Justice,” 2011). A professional working in the field of criminal justice absolutely must be able to deal with the personal stress of the job with a competent state of mind at all times while performing their duties effectively and safely. Failure to properly cope with stress endangers criminal justice workers and can compromise public safety. It is important to stay in charge of emotions, but even more important to leave it at work and forget about it when you go home.
The leadership skills mentioned above are only a few on a long list needed to be a strong leader, but being a professional in the field also means that one must possess a strong ethical

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