Leadership Skills A Registered Nurse Essay

1349 Words Apr 7th, 2015 null Page
The registered nurse is required to demonstrate a variety of leadership skills to be an effective leader within the healthcare team. This essay will reflect upon, and critically discuss the leadership role of a Registered Nurse in ensuring the delivery of quality and safe patient care. Three essential leadership skills a Registered Nurse requires to be able to deliver effective quality and safe patient care include effective communication, patient centred care and continuous professional development. This will be shown throughout this essay by reflecting upon personal reflections, interviews from Dr Lucy Cuddihy and journal articles. Dr Lucy Cuddihy explains nursing leadership as something that can empower patients and staff, can help to influence patient care, challenge the ‘norm’ and be willing to lead and make changes (Dr Lucy Cuddihy Interview 2015). Effective leadership skills play a vital role in the ability of a registered nurse achieving quality and safe patient care.

Effective communication is a key leadership skill a Registered Nurse must recognize as vital to promote the delivery of quality and safe patient care for all. Tay, L, Hegney, D, & Ang, E (2011) explain effective communication, which is working positively, as a process which goes two ways, where the correct message is sent but also that it has been understood and received by the other person in a way they can understand. In artefact two, Effective communication was discussed in reference to a palliative…

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