Leadership Reflection: Team Building, Leadership And Transformational Leadership

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Throughout this course, I discovered my strength and weaknesses from each concept. This has allowed me to reflect on my current abilities, and assisted me in selecting concepts that will help me grow as a leader. Although, I consider myself a transformational leader from the FRLD concept. I have identified the Team Building, Leader Influence, Interpersonal Communication, and Diversity concepts as my way to grow and strengthen my abilities as a transformational leader.
First, I will incorporate the Full Range Leadership Development by embracing the transformational leadership principles individualized consideration, intellectual stimulation, inspirational motivation, and idealized influence, also known as the Four I’s. My strengths consist
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I will be more proactive in providing feedback to my peers to increase positive information sharing to gain lateral communication. I will take every opportunity to exercise transformational behaviors to sharpen my abilities. I will seek feedback and deliberately work with my senior leadership to position me for growth opportunities. As I approach the SNCO tier, new roles will require transformational leadership, my development in these concepts will be crucial for the success of subordinates and myself. When I am complete with my current assignment, I will pursue becoming a first sergeant. This opportunity will allow me to lead in diverse units to further my development while impacting a significant number of personnel and directly advising senior leaders. I will be able to mentor and develop a large number of airman to better position them to become leaders for our Air Force. Achieving these goals will greatly impact my desire to be a transformational leader, more importantly my subordinates peers and supervision will see me as a transformational

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