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Leadership Reflection 1

What type of leader am I? How do I demonstrate leadership in my job setting?
In looking at the different types of leadership presented in the text for this class, I feel that I have demonstrated a little of each within my job setting and throughout my life in general. When I think about transformational leadership, I think about my three adult children. Having three children, I had the opportunity to observe their different personalities and learning styles. I also had the chance to use my leadership skills to raise independent, productive members of society. I would say that two of the three were leaders and that my youngest was a follower by nature. It was my job to instill within each of them collective leadership. It was my goal to create within them the belief that they could do anything that they set their minds to do. I wanted them to know that if they believed in something and worked hard enough to earn it, they could achieve it and receive it.
As they grew older and wiser, I had the benefit of learning from and being blessed by their wisdom in many ways. In the symbiotic relationship, I can recall times where, even though I was the parent, I was the follower. They could build me up and speak scripture to me when I was down or having a bad day. Together we could accomplish great things. I valued their input and encouraged each of them to be a part of something bigger. Because I had them at such a…

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