Leadership Qualities Of Eleanor Roosevelt

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Eleanor Roosevelt was born on October 11, 1884, in New York, New York. Her parents were Anna Hall and Elliott Roosevelt. At a young age Eleanor mother and father died. She lived with her grandparents then went to boarding school at age fifteen. When she returned, she married her distant cousin Franklin D. Roosevelt. She had six children Anna, James, Franklin Jr., Elliott, the second Franklin Jr., and John. The first Franklin Jr., died of the flu at the age of seven months. Eleanor Roosevelt shows many heroic characteristics in her life such as leadership, hard working, and caring.
Eleanor Roosevelt showed many leadership qualities. She was a good politician’s wife. Eleanor wanted women’s suffrage so she took control and helped women get the
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In 1920, women were able to vote. Eleanor volunteered at the League of Women Voters and the Women’s Division of the New York State Democratic Committee. Being the first lady, she tried to get women involved. She would hold press conferences that were covered by women reporters, only. In newspaper columns she would defend women workers. Eleanor thought that women should be able to work in the defense industries during World War 1 and she was one of them. She volunteered for the Navy League, the naval hospital, the Navy Red Cross, and the Navy Relief Society. Eleanor believed that women had special qualities that made them imperative and important. When Eleanor left the White House, she told Truman and Kennedy to appoint more women (Eleanor Roosevelt ,Kem Knapp Sawer, 1st lady of the world, Barbara Somervill). Another way she displayed leadership qualities was when her husband, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was ill, she helped run the country. Her husband FDR ran for husband president four times and won every time. …show more content…
She did a lot of work in the background of America such as writing many newspaper columns, magazine articles, and she even wrote a couple of books. Eleanor wrote her articles on things happening in America and things she believed in. Usually if a first lady was to write an article, her secretary would write it for her, but Eleanor always enjoyed writing them herself. She really did not want to be the first lady, but she stepped up and did a lot for America and its people. Franklin D. Roosevelt was the longest serving president; therefore Eleanor was the longest serving first lady. Eleanor served as an unofficial administration representative. She became a superior speaker. She went on many radio shows. She became very involved with trying to make the underprivileged lives better. She wanted all people to be equal. Eleanor helped homeless people, the hungry and the unemployed. She also helped in the background with the youth of America, African Americans, and women for fair treatment. Another way Eleanor was hardworking was helping her husband. FDR was paralyzed from polio, which made him think his work in politics was over, but Eleanor told him he was wrong. Since FDR could not walk traveling was very painful, so Eleanor did it for him. Eleanor served as Franklin’s legs and eyes (The Life of Eleanor Roosevelt, Monica Kulling). The way Eleanor served as the standard for the rest of the first ladies to follow. When she would travel around, she went

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