Leadership Principles Of Leadership And Leadership Essay

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What is a leader? What does it mean to be a leader in an organization? What are the leader roles and leader actions? These are some of the questions this course has explored. Leaders are not born; they are created by principles of morals, values, beliefs, and most importantly actions. These principles of leadership complement the Direct, Organizational, and Strategic levels of leadership the U.S Army employs. Direct leadership is the face-to-face first line of leadership commanding a handful to several hundred soldiers. Organizational leadership commands several hundred to several thousand soldiers through levels of subordinates and are responsible for establishing policy and the organization’s working climate. Strategic leadership focuses on influencing several thousands of soldiers, allocating resources, and communicating the strategic vision. No matter the level of leadership, leadership skills, effective leadership behavior, and leading teams all play a critical role being a leader and bring success in an organization. In addition, these principles serve as a critical element in forming a leadership philosophy statement.
Leadership Skills
A person does not become an effective leader without possessing certain skills needed to lead. A leader needs to possess balance of hard and soft skills. Early researches into leadership skills were categorized into three taxonomies: Technical, Interpersonal, and Conceptual skills (Yukl, 2013). Technical skills are a subset of hard…

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