Leadership Plan For A Leadership Initiative Essay

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1. In this chapter leadership is described as non-coercive influence. For what reasons might followers be motivated to respond to a leadership initiative? Followers would me more motivated to response to a leadership initiative, if the leaders worked with the followers to achieve common goals. The main reason why coercive influence is a non-factor for leaders, is it uses threats and punishments to entice followers to work towards a goal, but does not include the leaders working with the followers to achieve the goals as a team. Another reason why followers might respond to leadership initiative in a reward base, that includes them working together to achieve this goal, and in due of achieving it a team reward is given. Such as a team outing for lunch. Which also provides a great atmosphere for team building and building stronger connection between the people in leadership roles and the followers.

Can you give a personal example? While working for a retail chain, we have daily, weekly and monthly goals, which include store card conversion rates, sales and guest survey percentages. The hardest of those would be the card conversions rates, as many people don’t always want to open a store credit or debit card, out of fear of recent hacks and interest rates and so on. So reaching a goal of getting 12 guest to sign up a day is hard. Say you’re cashiering, having to ask every guest and explain the hold deal or the savings, benefits is so tiring. So our store leaders created…

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