Leadership On The Other Hand Essay

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Question 1
Leadership on the other hand does not need to be in position to act or deliver. In that logic any sound individual can lead a group, a team, an association or a movement. However good leadership creates power, motivation and development and does not need to show too much power to get things done, rather leadership shows compassion and draws support.
When there is the ability to do something the specific way that you want it done, one can conclude there is power. Power is the capacity, ability and willingness to act. Though it is significant for a person to have certain amount of power, Lord Acton is of the view that having excessive power can corrupt absolutely. For power to occur, the individual must hold certain position like politicians, chief executive officers of government agencies and managers in the service industries like Target, Bj’s , Costco and Walmart. There are various power sources and these groups can get it from sources such as expert power, legitimate, coercive and reward.
Question 2
The actual difference between a manager and a leader is that a leader is a source of inspiration and trust while a manager relies on command and control mechanisms. This implies that a leader is someone who motivates and inspires other people to be their best by setting a tempo or pace for the rest of the group to follow. A good leadership example is Dr. Martin Luther King Junior who led the civil rights movement for the minority discrimination, because of his good…

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