Leadership Of A Multicultural Leader Essay

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The world is getting smaller and smaller, particularly with the advent of countless technologies and leadership techniques that have brought people closer together than a few decades ago. However, this has contributed to the increasing need for effective leadership in various multicultural work environments. A multicultural leader must be able to navigate both the challenges and opportunities linked to a more connected world in a skillful manner. This will provide the leader with an opportunity to mobilize talents and knowledge required for the delivery of high quality services to the followers.
Essentially, culturally diverse leadership mainly involves the ability of a leader to adapt or manage human resources in an environment that comprises of people from different cultures and geographical backgrounds; knowing and appreciating the values and beliefs of the followers is the primary role of a multicultural leader. President Barack Hussein Obama, the current president of the United States of America was born of a multicultural America, especially at the cusp of the age of globalization. He has since managed to lead the country successfully, although America is popularly known as being home to people with diverse cultures (Sharma, 2011).
This paper will focus on the biographical information of this leader concerning what has helped him develop the qualities of an effective leader, and the characteristics of the organization led by this individual. Obama’s leadership…

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