Essay on Leadership Models – a Comparison

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Leadership Models – A Comparison
The study of leadership requires examining various leadership models and the alignment of the theory and practice. Leading and influencing others is a complex task. Leaders and managers can try to lead in a variety of different ways. For this paper, I will examine four models of interest to me, of which I will compare and contrast and where possible touch on the similarities and differences, as well as address some challenges of the different models. The four models / theories I will be specifically focusing on include: Transformational Leadership, Transactional Leadership, Contrarian Leadership and Strong Man Leadership.
Transformational leaders find ways to modify the way people think, see, and
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Transformational and transactional leadership models thus differ with regard to the process by which leaders motivate subordinates and the types of goals set (Hater & Bass, 1988).
One very interesting leadership model is the Contrarian Leader – a leader who thinks differently from the people around him. In particular, such a leader is able to maintain his intellectual independence by thinking gray, and enhance his intellectual creativity by thinking free (Sample, 2002). The essence of thinking gray is that you don’t form an opinion about an important matter until you’ve heard all the relevant facts and arguments. Sample (2002) continues to say most people are binary and instant in their judgments; that is, they immediately categorize things as good or bad, true or false, black or white, friend or foe. A truly effective leader, however, needs to be able to see the shades of gray inherent in a situation in order to make wise decisions as to how to proceed. There are three very real dangers to effective leadership associated with binary thinking. One is that the leader forms opinions before it is necessary to do so, and in the process closes his mind to facts and arguments that may subsequently come to his attention.
The Contrarian leadership style is different from that of transactional and transformational styles. However, I believe this model can actually be employed in conjunction with any other leadership model such as transformational or

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