Leadership, Management, And Management Essay

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1. Strong leadership and management team experience demonstrating an ability to create a clear vision, set goals and expectations, encourage leadership and initiatives at all levels, and use sound judgment in managing complex varied programs. – for this one, use an example of your experience in OPS as an manager.
I have served in a leadership and management role for over 10 years in various classifications within my State Career. An example of my leadership experience is portrayed during my tenure as the Chief of the Office of Resource Planning and Reduction (RPRS). As the Chief of RPRS, I was responsible for overseeing and implementing various layoff plans for the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. Preceding my appointment to RPRS, CDCR had not developed policies and procedures related to the implementation of the layoff plans. Therefore, during my tenure and under my direction, policy and procedures were developed to effectuate the layoff plans and to ensure that CDCR complied with California Department of Human Resources (CalHR) Layoff Manual, Government Code and all Rules and Regulation related to layoffs. In addition, under my direction RPRS set goals for stream lining the layoff process and reducing the amount of days necessary to implement a layoff. To assist with obtaining the vision and goals of RPRS, under my direction the following were developed:
1. Employee Expectations
2. Placement Database
3. Layoff Action Plan/ Project Timeline
4. On-Going…

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