Leadership : Leadership And Leadership Assessment Essay

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3 Followership and Leadership Assessment
The results from the Followership Style Questionnaire shows that I am an Exemplary Follower. I agree with these results, though I like being in the leadership role, I think being a follower is equally as important. Some of the key traits in followership are highlighted below.
3.1 Followership strengths
Even without the test, I felt that my greatest asset is the ability think about the end goal and strategic point of view of the tasks being completed; which frequently spurs me to think about the way in which the process is to be designed and the checks and balances required in averting errors. I would credit my achievement in followership to the bosses who have shaped my perspective into trusting that I can think critically. Throughout the years, I have been permitted opportunity to execute tasks, which gives me a feeling of ownership.
3.2 Followership: Change over the years
I don 't feel that I have always been such a follower in my professional life. When I initially joined the military, I had next to zero knowledge of what to expect. Throughout the years, I understood that I was simply executing the assignments which were set out by my bosses and I now understand that I was displaying the qualities of a passive follower (Bjugstad, Spotlight, Thompson, and Morris, 2006). With more experience throughout the years and support from my bosses; my perspective went from entirely operational to strategic. I will also carry these traits…

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