Leadership, Knowledge Of The Health Care Environment And Business Skills

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My top three AONE nurse leader competencies are Leadership, Knowledge of the health care environment and Business skills. Although all the 5 competencies are important, I chose these three because Leaders have unique trait and abilities in relating with others. They have the ability to interpret the environment where a situation is emerging, and enter the situation in the absence of a script or defined plan. According to Yoder-Wise( 2015), “ Leadership is required when the unknown presents itself, necessitates the use of principles to improvise solutions, and helps others to cope, thrive, and function at a high capacity based on the situation” (p. 4). Some of the leadership traits are expressing a vision for the desired future state; seeing possibilities in the midst of challenging; communicating effectively; adapting to new situations and environment; and using experience and knowledge to judge reasonable risk. Having listed some of the traits of a leader, some of the competencies like communication and relationship building, and professionalism are embedded in leadership trait. Yoder-Wise says, “Leadership is working on your people” (37). This attests that leaders are professionals, have good communication skills and are relationship builders.
Knowledge of the health care environment is the second competency that I chose because if you are aware of health care environment, you will be able to communicate care standards as established by the regulatory and quality…

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