Leadership Is The Process Of Guiding Or Directing An Organization

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Leadership is the process of guiding or directing an organization. Primarily, the main aim of leadership is to enable the different processes and individuals in the organization work smoothly for the overall benefit of the organization. As such, when an organization develops and becomes successful, it is attributable to the effectiveness of the leadership. Moreover, when the organization fails, then the leadership is more often than not, the one to blame. Currently, there have been numerous leaders across the worlds who have received praise and international acclaim for their leadership. These include business leaders, political leaders, social leaders and even military leaders. As such, numerous researches have been undertaken to try to find the best kind of leadership formula. However, what is intriguing is that a vast majority of the successful leaders uses different leadership styles yet each is successful in his own right. As such, it is important to point out that the correct leadership style is not universal but relative, as different situations call for a different leadership style. In leadership style, a number of key attributes are put into consideration such as the leader’s demeanor, personality, and communication patterns with people. It is therefore important for those in leadership to evaluate themselves in order for their leadership to be successful. It has become increasingly clear that effective educational leadership is essential to improving student…

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