Leadership Is The Process Of An Organization Essay

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Nursing Leadership
According to Severinsson, (2012), leadership refers to the process of socially influencing other people through enlisting aid and support to other people in pursuant of accomplishing goals. Leadership is the process of directing goals and objectives of an organization in pursuant of success and efficiency in an organization. Moreover, Beckett (2013) posits that leadership involves the act of mobilizing people to perform a common goal. In case of corporate and organizations leadership involves efficient and collective mobilization of resources and human resource to achieve organizational goals and objectives. Also, Chang, H.et al. (2012) defines leadership as the process of setting the vision and inspiring people to continue delivering and following the required activities in attempt to achieve the vision. For effective leadership to take place, the leader must exhibit some crucial attributes that will help him or her to demonstrate good leadership. For instance, the leader must be a selfless individual who will put the can take part in other people before her ambitions and through that facilitate the success of the organization (Chang, H.et al. 2012). A good leader must understand that motivating and empowering others are key factors that will facilitate success and growth endeavors. Good leadership goes hand in hand with good values that will create a platform for effective leadership.
Leadership Development
Leadership is a complex skill…

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