Essay about Leadership Is Not Ordinary.

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The concept of leadership is not ordinary. It is a concept of a complicated name. The concept of leadership differs because of place, time, person and environment.The ability of gathering the members of a community and to encourage them to gain a particular goal is leadership. Organization cannot go without leadership. The taken program and implementation depends on good leadership. So leadership is must in small or big organization.
Definition: Leadership is social process and it is closely related to the community. In general, leadership is considered the conduct and the quality including the leader.Those who follow the leader, their attitude and qualities impact on developing leadership. A leader helps and gathers his followers to lead the specific goal besides he has to lead to his personality and self existence. So any particular organization or expectation is implemented fairly and get starting to lead the goal by a providence is called leadership.
In characteristic way, leadership is considered the personal matter and leadership quality gained by power, people, intelligence, boldness, ethics etc.
Leadership theory: There are many theories, dogmas and development about leadership. No one can give a perfect theory of leadership. But there are three theories which are more acceptable and glorious in the term of leadership. They are: 1.Trait theory 2.Behavioural theory 3.Situational theory
Trait theory: The quality which is necessary…

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