Leadership Is A Major Element For Achieving Tqm Essay

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Leadership is a major element for achieving TQM, because it requires the manager to provide inspiring vision, strategic directions which will be interpreted for all the employees. To achieve TQM within an organisation, dedication from the managers in leading the employees is required. Primarily the manager has to interpret the policy of TQM and then show his/her belief and dedication through his daily practice. It is paramount for management to assure that his/her philosophy values, strategies and objectives are transferred to all levels from the organisation and that there is clearness and orientation in the functioning of employees (Serafimovska, 2012). Within construction management is it paramount that there is sufficient communication via the workforce and management, as motivation is a primary key to assure that employees are motivated to accomplish the construction works attaining high standards and within safety measures. Capable leadership can be applied by management

within any stage of the construction industry from the pre-construction through to the post-construction stage; integrating teamwork is a vital aspect to accomplishing large construction projects. It is paramount for management to forecast and plan adequately as to demonstrate to the workforce what is requested to achieve and assure they are competent. The management main principles is attaining the works in a professionalised and safe method; assuring clear communication…

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