Leadership Is A Good Thing Essay

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Throughout human history, there has always been leaders to help carry the human race through time. Leaders can come from all walks of life such as: poverty, wealth, and most of the time, they can come from just being regular everyday people. During my time wrestling in high school, I was the captain of the team my senior year, so to me, leadership is extremely important. It was important to understand what being a true leader is, as well as what it consists of being. Leaders are a good thing, because they can help pull a group through a hard time, help organize a group, as well as lead a group to success. There are different kinds of leaders, such as: strategic leaders, democratic leaders, and then there is an autocratic leader. There are many different definitions of what a true leader is, and what it means to be a leader. Leaders are used in many ways such as: leading a group, taking responsibility for people’s actions, and helping when communicating with another group. Leaders are a necessary thing, because without leaders, anything can turn into chaos. If an organization goes into meetings with other organizations, such as during homecoming week, when sororities and fraternities meet to work together, if there is not a leader, or in this case, a head of the organization, no work would end up getting accomplished. Being a leader in this case, is by showing the ability to take control of a group and making them work together to achieve a common goal. Another example of…

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