Leadership in a Community Essay

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This assumption of a simple transference of effective organizational activities from one nonprofit organization to another organization too often breeds frustration and organizational failure on the part of nonprofit organization leadership. There are simply too many interrelated variables to make such a simplistic assumption. The extant literature is too scant and too weak to provide the needed support for the nonprofit leader. This dissertation, therefore, is an investigation, a case study, of a nationally recognized successful, community action agency.

The intent of this investigation is to understand the role of a leader in the nonprofit organizational setting, and the dynamic interrelationship of
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It not only is the Internal
Revenue Service which categorizes the numerous kinds of nonprofit organizations; the local agencies also pride themselves on their special "callings." Herman and Heimovics state that, "Thereality for most nonprofit organizations is that they are expected to promote many values and be accountable to many groups while furthering the organization's mission." Accountability, then, 1becomes a major issue to a nonprofit organization seeking to fulfill its mission, a mission quite often dictated by a minority group.
The assumption that a literature can be constructed for the nonprofit sector becomes one of seeking common ground. In this sense, a form of unified diversity becomes an important consideration in this quest. The practical side of this consideration is to find a common ground upon which to found a literature. The need for a working definition of "nonprofit" becomes vital to this quest for a sector literature. The notion seems to be that "we" are diverse, yet we have a common spectrum within which to work -- we are unified (same sector), yet different (unique).
A Sector Without A Discrete Literature
To say there is no literature specific to the nonprofit sector regarding the leader or leadership would beg the truth. Indeed, there is a prolificacy of literature pertaining to the

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