Leadership Ideas And Concepts Of Leadership Essay examples

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After learning the concepts from last year I was unsure how to incorporate them into moving from a mentee to a mentor position. In the past I have held positions before but now that I am aware of leadership ideas and concepts my approach has changed. When reflecting over this year I realized how often I used the concepts that I learned in class without realizing. Luckily the more I reflected on the leadership concepts the more often I notice when I was using them. The most influential leadership ideas that I recognize as using are, the Stages of Group Development, concepts dealing with building relationships, and the bases of power.
Most notably are it that every group goes through the Stages of Group Development at one level or another. The Stages of Development are important to know, in order to be aware of how your group is evolving together and tailor leadership skills that best fit the group in the stage where it is currently at. In fact, it is a relief to know that Storming is a step, early on, in a group’s development. Before, I always became concerned when groups became immersed in conflict. In those circumstances, I saw it as a sign of fracturing, but now I know how to use conflict to build stronger bonds and air out the tension among members. Within my group this year when I saw tension, I had the group gather together so that I could facilitate a discussion. To start off, I opened up the discussion so some members could express concern for others not contributing…

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