Essay on Leadership Goals And Principles Of Leadership

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Leadership refers to that ability to guide, direct, control, manage and supervise a group of people or an organization. School administrators ought to possess the leadership skills to be able to lead effectively. I believe leadership should not just be about influencing others towards the attainment of goals, but it should entail the ability to lead effectively. My leadership philosophy demonstrates the qualities and ideals that I equate with leadership from an educational administrator’s point of view. I am passionate about seeing the school administrators with the best leadership skills. Here is a summary of my leadership philosophy
My beliefs about leadership
I believe leadership is all about getting other people motivated enough to follow a leaders/organization goals or the goals set for the institution. A school administrator should be able to support and guide the teachers, students and all the school staffs. Leadership should not only create an inspiring vision of the future, but also it motivate and inspire people to engage with the vision set. I believe an effective leadership is inevitable in any school administration as it will determine the success of that institution
Characteristics that should be possessed by a successful leader
To be a successful leader a person ought to have some characteristics. I can tell a good leader from the way they speak, argue, make decisions, manage the teams and the way they conduct themselves. I have been led by a…

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