Leadership Goals And Objectives Of Leadership Essay

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1. What is Leadership? That is a hard question as it means something different to everyone. Leadership can be defined as the process of influencing organizational members to use their energies willingly and appropriately to facilitate the achievement of the organizations goals and visions to accomplish the mission. Various leadership values and traits, both good and bad, have influenced me over the years which I would attempt to emulate or avoid. I think I was defiantly exposed to more autocratic style leaders which influenced me to avoid this style.

2. Additionally, leadership traits are just as subjective and varies. Some common traits are; integrity, loyalty, decisiveness, experienced, dependable, knowledgeable, and forward looking. They all are goal directed and try to mold members of the organization’s behavior to meet the goals and objectives. Leaders are given the authority by the organization to the position. This does not necessarily mean the person with that given authority is is able to influence other to perform. The power is given to leader by the led and if he does not meet the expectations of the led that leader may become powerless. Unfortunately, there are to many autocratic leaders in the military. While we all are willing to follow orders there are better ways to inspire follower-ship and want to be led by that person

3. Moreover, leadership styles varies as much as the leaders themselves. The basis styles are usually categorized as authoritarian,…

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