Leadership From The Perspective Of Two Leaders Essay

1005 Words Mar 9th, 2016 null Page
This paper is about leadership from the perspective of two leaders I interviewed based on a series of set questions. This paper compares and contrasts answers as well as analyzes what was said. Opinions on leadership can differ depending on who you ask. The first person I interviewed was John Dieringer of John Dieringer Construction. He has worked in construction for a number of years and currently is the owner/operator of his own business. The second person I interviewed was my aunt Deb Anderson who is the Information Technology Manager at Webster Industries, Inc. These two had similar and different takes on leadership but they both made great points. First, Mr. Dieringer’s one piece of advice on leadership for a new executive is to be to be fair and consistent. He said people will gain respect for you if you are fair and they will look to you to make decisions when it’s time to make tough decisions in the future. Being consistent is also important because it shows that you are unbiased and supports your fair decision making. Treating situations and people in a consistent matter is important in any context to gain respect. For Mrs. Anderson, the most important piece of advice she would give is to be respectful. In order to gain respect you must give respect. You have to give the same amount of respect to the CEO of the company as you do an intern. This shows that you are a genuine person and people will give you the respect you deserve. This is similar to Mr.…

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