Leadership For The State Of California Essay

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Leadership issues in schools are sometimes complex and do not always present as clear-cut and easy to solve. Take my personal situation that involved a series of complex organizations coming together to solve an issue related to teacher licensure in the state of California. This particular situation involved a host of organizational leaders collaborating to solve a complicated, multi-faceted problem. I will frame my personal leadership dilemma utilizing the UC Berkeley Leadership Rubric read in EDLD 610 as assigned by Dr. Martinez. There are seven elements in the Rubric to include: 1) Presence and Attitude; 2) Identity and Relationship; 3) Equity and Advocacy; 4) Curriculum and Instruction; 5) Organization and Systems; 6) Change and Coherence; 7) Assessment and Accountably. Each element plays an important role in solving my personal leadership dilemma. 

Introduction of the Problem
My background in education is relevant, as my experience plays an important role in how this dilemma plays out. I hold a Masters Degree in Special Education with a combined total of 13 years of classroom teaching instruction. I am considered a veteran teacher of Special Education and currently hold teaching licenses in three states (California, Virginia and Hawaii). I was a student at the Hong Kong International School and was a teacher in the American International School System (Jamaica). I have taught at the University of Hawaii, both at the laboratory school and as an adjunct professor…

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