Leadership For Literally Thousands Of Years Essay

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Organizational Specialists have been studying the topic of leadership for literally hundreds of years. During that time we have understand what leadership is and what it is not.Leadershipis not general concept it is a complex concept. Without leadership any organization cannotwork properly. Anefficient and effective can work properly. An efficient and effective leader motive and give incentives in workers hard time, consequently worker’s motivate and gain maximum productively. According to Secker Hudson in his bookOrganization and Management leadership defined as influencing people to work accommodate to obtain the purpose of the organizational goals. According to Chester IBarnard in his book Organization and Management leadership means quality of behavior and it guide people in their tasks in organized effort. Every leader must deal with three important tasks. These are:- people, task and environment. Because these three are different in various situations and it is also expected from a leader that he will be different in numerous situations. Leadership is completely related with power and authority. By four steps a leader can influence his subordinates. These are the following:-
i) Powerinfluence ii) Trait iii) Behavior and iv) contingency or situation.
First one is ‘Power‘meaning ability to do something. Power is not related with authority because without authority a man can apply his power. In this concept we understand that every leader musthave power. An eminent…

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