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Both personal experiences and leadership opportunities have motivated me to pursue the development of my leadership skills. To begin with, I have been interested in leadership opportunities that are offered or that can be created since I was a young student. In elementary school I searched for ways to get involved. In grade 4, I was a Kindergarten Playground monitor. Once a week, I would go outside to play with the Kindergarten students, help them get dressed for outdoors and assist them if they needed to go elsewhere. From grade 5 to grade 8, I was a lunchtime class monitor, supervising the primary students, helping them open up any packages and yet again, assist them in getting ready to play outside. In addition, in grade 6 I sold the milk …show more content…
I was personally debating going to UCC to be with friends but I realized that the small population of JMSS gave me more opportunities to get involved. I was even able to join the curling and tennis teams just to try something new. A few weeks into the school year, I was elected as the Grade 9 Representative for Student Council and I have been part of that since. I am a member of the Me to We Club, part of the 2014-2015 Sears Drama cast and I have taken the Peer Leadership course. Student Council has helped me to develop time management skills and organization as a leader. I have learned when I should be doing homework as opposed to extracurricular activities but also make time for them as opposed to watching Netflix or something. Me to We has taught me creativity and to collaborate and work as a team player. No single person is in charge of the club and when we have a goal, we all work together to achieve it. For example, when our club had the barbeque to raise money for the Nepal Earthquake, some of us went to businesses to ask for donations, others helped with barbequing and money collection. Having all hands on deck was a necessity for our great achievement. Being a part of Sears Drama also taught me how to deal with clashing personalities. Sometimes I would get very bothered by people, but I decided to look for the better in them and like that part of them. Taking this Peer Leading course has helped me realize what parts of being a leader I like. I enjoy helping the students achieve great things in their performances and teaching them the technology available in our Drama program. I do not enjoy the whole photocopying and paperwork part of being a peer leader. I have learned to be committed. Students come to me in the hall and ask if I will edit their work or give some feedback on my own time, I do because I like to be helpful.

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