Essay about Leadership Effectiveness Of Leadership And Leadership

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Leaders are people with the ability to lead and motivate others to carry out duties and responsibilities that are required in an organization. Effective leaders can lead an organization smoothly with little to no complications or issues. Leadership effectiveness includes possessing Ghiselli six traits: a need for achievement, intelligence, decisiveness, self-confidence, initiative, and supervisory ability (Manning & Curtis, 2014). According to Manning and Curtis (2014), leaders have to care about the work to be done and the people in which leaders lead in order to establish endless success. Additionally, in order for leaders to be successful, leaders must possess skills and knowledge in nine key areas of leadership as follows: the leadership equation, the power of vision, the importance of ethics, the empowerment of people, leadership principles, understanding people, multiplying effectiveness, developing others, and performance management (Manning & Curtis, 2014).

The leadership equation requires leaders to build trusting relationships. When leaders develop relationships with people in the organization, success is bound to happen because people respond better to leaders they trust and have a working relationship. The power of a vision is also important because a leader has to have a clear path to take the organization. Conversely, if leaders do not have a clear vision it will be very difficult for leaders to establish organizational success. The culture of the…

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