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Presence of Mutualism between Leaders and Followers
Robert.E.Kelly in his article of “Praise the Followers” defines effective leadership practices. It is obvious from the working cycle of many companies that lack of leadership and absence of coordination between the employees is the bone of contention in achieving the goal of the organization.
According to the Kelly, for a successful business there is a need of the leader that can able to rejuvenate the leadership practices and ability to take the initiative in the face of uncertainty present in the environment. There is no doubt that effective leadership passion for bringing best for the business urge the company to search for the good leaders.
However, along with the leader there is
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Every employee has a desire to become effective for the organization, however; it is the leader and its effectiveness that can compel the employee to do their best. Leaders are solely responsible for the success and failure of an organization.
Qualities of Good Followers
Commitment, self-management, competence, courage and focus are required to become good followers. Leader is nothing without it followers. Napoleon cannot able achieve his ambitions without the proper support of his followers. It is right if quoted, that the proper appreciation and inculcating the ability to take the initiative in the face of uncertainty present in the environment. It is done through work autonomy and providing unguarded source of information for the completion of the job will be helpful for bringing loyalty and productivity in the business.
Judging with the minimal information
Judging the followers on the base of limited availability of information about their work could be hazardous for maintaining loyal workforce in an organization. Such judgment may be contaminate with the scarce of halo effect or anchoring bias and wrong evaluation and making appraisal on the basis of such information may result in the total loss of competence employees. Such situation can also bring the feeling of untrusted and invisible communication tension existed between the employees and management. It is devastating both for the organization and followers.
Learning to follow
Sometimes lethal

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