Essay on Leadership Development Plan

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Leadership Development Plan

Marcus N.T. Smith

University of Phoenix

LDR 711- Leadership Theory and Practice

Dr. Jane Armstrong

One of the most important aspects of leadership is self-knowledge and particularly awareness of your priorities and values. As a leader it is imperative to improve your leadership ability on an everyday basis. Great leaders have great strategic dreams, visions of what could be and what they think should be. In this paper I will be discussing my plan and the theories that support my plan. I will also be discussing my leadership strengths and weaknesses
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There is not an accurate timeline to assess when I will become the leader I eventually want to be. I may never reach the level of leadership I want to obtain just because of my drive for perfection and the thirst I have for knowledge. I do have a plan that will increase my leadership skills and abilities. Education is one of the major instruments in which I increase my knowledge and skill, from my service in the military, from undergraduate to graduate degree and now to the pursuit of my doctoral degree all of these are the avenues I have taken to increase my leadership skill. My experiences in the workplace and in management has given me knowledge and insight that I would have never gained from just schooling alone, other avenues that I would use to increase my leadership abilities are workshops, self-help activities, leadership development seminars and an experienced leader who have the same professional and moral beliefs to be my mentor.

I have had a plan in place for years and so far it has worked well majority of the time. My plan started when I first join the military right out of high school and then on to college. My plan for increasing my leadership ability is focused on education. I believe education is the driving force that will impact my leadership at my place of employment and in my personal

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