Leadership Critique Of Transformational Leadership Essay

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Leadership critique of Transformational Leadership theory

The theory of leadership has been studied quite a long time, and leadership concept has been developing time to time. As a result, diverse leadership theories and styles such as transformational, transactional, charismatic, servant, and situational leadership styles emerged through time. Different scholars made research on the effectiveness of these styles. Some confirmed the positive side others disagree about the direct relation and feel a lack of evidence to the effect. They also compared and contrast one to the other. From these leadership styles, I have selected to critique the transformation leadership style. I also try to compare transformation leadership with transactional leadership.

What is transformational leadership? Transformational leadership concept was introduced by Burns, who described “Transformational leadership as both macro level influence process between individuals and as macro level process of mobilizing power to change social systems and reform institutions”. (Burns,1978, cited in Yuki G, 1989). The second and widely accepted definition is by Burns as follows
“leaders transform followers by making them more aware of the importance and values of task outcomes, by activating their higher order needs, and by inducing them to transcend self -interest for the sake of the organization. As a result of this influence, followers feel trust and respect towards the leader, and they are…

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