Leadership, Consultation, And Ethics Essay

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Leadership, Consultation, and Ethics
Describe how you would work within a professional treatment team to consult, triage, and treat this case. Include a description of the various members of the professional team with whom you would be likely to interact. Additionally, explain the roles and responsibilities of each member of the treatment team.
According to APA Ethics Code (2010), under 4.05 Disclosures, the evaluator can only disclose information by law only for a valid purpose such as to provide needed services, to obtain appropriate professional consultation and to protect client from hurting others and themselves.
In order to meet Danita best interest, it would be best that the evaluator work with a multi-disciplinary team. A multi-disciplinary is a group of professional from difference discipline who come together to provide a comprehensive assessments and consultation to help meet the client’s needs (NCPEA, n.d.).
Danita’s team would meet the cognitive and social variables in her life. One of the members of this team would be the Inland Regional Center. This center provides counseling, long-life individual planning, training in education, and job skills training. In the vignette, it appears that Danita lacks the understanding of social skills and job training to maintain life stability (DDS, 2015). She stated that she struggles with keeping a job because she does not understand instructions that a job gives. The Inland regional center will provide her with the…

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