Essay about Leadership Case : Harrison Co

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Leadership Case Study
Harrison Co. is an international adhesives company with head quarters in Aida, Michigan. They have a plant located in Dalton, Ga. It employed about 500 people in the plant. Because of the economic down turn of 2008, they had to let go and lay-off about 300 employees in the Dalton facility, and this made many people feel very fearful for their jobs. Julio Miranda took on human resource management at this tumultuous time and was very successful.
He created an environment of trust and established very healthy relationships with all the workers and upper management. He became the bridge through which the average worker could be heard. This gave many people a sense of relief. The Dalton division of Harrison Co. was continually ramping up production and going beyond expectation because of the security that many employees were feeling. Every thing seemed fine until one day Julio took a nasty fall after someone tipped over a tub of glue near his office. Julio injured his leg and part of his hip. He was instructed by his doctor to stay home and rest. Julio was already close to retirement and decided it was best for his health to retire a year early and enjoy and his family. This quickly became an issue for top management in the Dalton plant. They had to act fast and look for someone who could take up exactly where Julio left off. Management found two options, Lucas Adaro and Isabelle Martin. Lucas Adaro has been a loyal employee for about 10 years and…

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