Essay about Leadership As A Leader And Being A Manager

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Leadership is defined as “an influence relationship among leaders and followers who intend real changes and outcomes that reflect their shared purpose” (Rost, 2014). When society experiences lows within organizations, people look to people who have the ability to be a good leader and possess strong leadership skills. There is a difference between being a leader and being a manager; one shows strengths inherent in a person and the other shows how to become (a manager) by way of training. Management is defined as “the attainment of organizational goals in an effective and efficient manner through planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling organizational resources” (Daft R. L., 2014).
Just by definition, there is visibly a difference between the two, however they are not fundamentally different from each other in terms of types of people. How these two titles compare with one another is managers can be viewed as facilitators, coaches and trainers which are essential to forming a leadership role within a team/organization. A person filling a management position can develop qualities that are needed for effective leadership; “both are essential in organizations and must be integrated effectively to lead to high performance” (Lepsinger & Yukl, 2014). Comparing the two shows that they are complimenting of each other, while knowing that they work hand in hand, doesn’t necessarily mean they are interchangeable. A leader can be an effective manager and an…

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