Leadership As A Good Leader Essay

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People at one point or another in life are presented with the opportunity to become a leader, but it is up to oneself to make that choice. Leaders are people we look up to, those who want to make a difference one way or another. They posses a certain kind of confidence that enables them to inspire others and gain their trust. Great leadership is highly important in order to prevent chaos and confusion in various workplaces. There has been a significant amount of leaders in the past, as well as today, all of which have similar qualities. Being in ROTC has taught me multiple things, all of which is aimed at making us future leaders in the ARMY.

When it comes to being a leader, there are certain things you need to do and qualities that make you stand out. For me, Leadership is taking control of a situation by helping others and being there for your team. It is having the courage and compassion to guide others and be a positive motivator in their lives. Leaders often take responsibility of their team actions and do not blame anymore or discourage them, just build them up. They care more about helping others and making sure no one is left behind than a pat on the back. They can make decisions under pressure, challenge their team to think and communicate efficiently.

Being a leader usually does not mean you became one all by yourself, but rather that you too were a follower in the past, and that you were inspired. One way to get inspiration is through reading what some of our…

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