Leadership And Teams : Conformity Essay

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Leadership and Teams - Conformity
Tanya Schankel
MGT300 – Principles of Management
Colorado State University – Global Campus
Melinda Curley
August 23, 2015 Leadership and Teams - Conformity
Leaders want their team to achieve goals that will promote the company vision, but not every leadership style will produce the desired outcome and performance of a team. Teams themselves are dynamic and have their own inner-workings that need to be satisfied before they become a cohesive group. Robbins, DeCenzo, & Coulter describe this process as forming, norming, storming, performing, and eventually adjourning (2015). One leadership style that is capable of encouraging performance and effectiveness of a team is the transactional leader which is based on task and reward. By molding a team through conformity of group norms, and motivating them through transactional leadership to achieve a clear goal, to have confidence that they can complete the tasks assigned, and encouraging an environment that sees conflict as a growth opportunity, will clear the way for a team to be successful in achieving its goals, and in return, the team will be justly rewarded.
Conformity and the Transactional Leader
As humans, we have a desire to be correct and socially accepted. According to S. Lumbert, of Rochester Institute of Technology, people will withhold their opinion if it differs from the rest of the group to avoid looking foolish or wrong. Another act of conformity is through peer pressure,…

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