Essay about Leadership And Teams : An Effective Leader

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Leadership and Teams When working in any organization, whether structured or unstructured, an effective leader must be able to identify the approaches that are applicable to that setting, what their leadership approach is, how to manage conflict, and how to help the team to achieve their goals. As an effective leader, performance outcomes must be established so as to clarify goals, document progress towards achieving the goals, and generate data on the effectiveness or efficiency of the team. Leaders must also understand where conflict arises from within a team and how to manage that conflict, so the team is able to achieve the results according to the established performance outcomes. Additionally, understanding the components of an effective team can assist in developing a team or group that will accomplish the goals, mission, and objectives that are set.
Path-Goal Leadership Model The path-goal theory states that a leader’s primary job is to help followers attain their goals while also providing support and direction to ensure the goals are compatible with the goals of the organization or team (Robbins, DeCenzo, & Coulter, 2015). This approach to understanding leadership focuses on performance outcomes with regards to the team by providing followers a path to help their team to achieve their work goals through the leadership behaviors. The leadership behaviors in the path-goal theory that a leader can use according to situation are directive, supportive,…

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