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Abstract Power is a fascinating concept. Babies experience power related to obtaining nourishment and comfort; adults recognize how power affects their jobs, lifestyle and relationships. Sometimes, giving away power means you get more. Sometimes delineating your power boundaries is necessary for survival. That is why power is paradoxical its outcomes are counterintuitive to the inputs. The law of attraction suggests a principle of cause and effect that you influence your own reality and the

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Expert Power
Expert power is influence wielded because of expertise, special skill, or knowledge (Robbins & Judge 2009). This power shows having a potential reaction in the compliance area. If a leader proves to be educated and well trained in an area of business, the employees will abide and follow his wants and demands. If not however, the drive to succeed and meet the demands is lost.
Referent Power
Referent power is identification with a person who has desirable resources or personal traits (Robbins and Judge 2009). This type of power has the best potential for committed employees. They agree with their surroundings and the people who hold authority over them. It is not like an intimidating or difficult work place, but one that agrees with their skills and beliefs. When the supervisor and employee get along and hold a relationship that is positive, it accounts for a mutual understanding of the business requirements. Power has to come from somewhere, whether internal or external. It stems forth from great leadership skills and a dependable foundation.
Where there is power, there are also consequences that go along with it. It depends on how the power is used and to whom it is inflicted. The consequences range from a number of general effects. They are commitment, compliance, and resistance. Power is the stronghold for the three-fold outcome that is brought on through consequences.
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