Leadership And Power Of The Chief Executive Occupation Essay

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Much of contemporary society has focused on the gender of who makes the better leader, in 2014, less than a 1/3 of women held the Chief executive occupation (283 women, 795 men), and this goes the same with other top leadership occupations (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2014). Even when women do hold some of the top jobs and have the title of manager, evidence shows that women and men do not hold the same responsibilities, which still makes society unequal (Reskin & Ross, 1992). It is thought that we live in a ‘masculine’ society, and thus associating most of the dominant and assertive jobs with males rather than females, making society very stereotypical of who is the most successful leader, forgetting about the rise of feminism. Leadership and power has long been a focus of research for psychology, as well as wider social sciences, Hogg (2001) looks at the Social Identity Theory (Tajfel, 1974) of leadership, and believes that the appearance of influence of the leaders becomes a reality through depersonalized social attraction process that make followers agree with the leaders ideas and suggestions. As well as the term Competence which seems to have may definitions but is mostly defined by “specific domains of achievement, such as academics, peer acceptance, or athletics” (Masten & Coatsworth, 1998). Thus it is interesting to look at the interaction of how competent we look or others look, just by judging individuals on their appearance. Meaning that if the leaders do not…

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