Leadership And Power : Leadership Essay

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I like to start out by defining the word Leadership which the social behavior where the individual takes on the role of getting people to do what 's needed or achieving certain goals, by gaining respect from followers and doing it voluntarily. Along with defining the word Power which is when a person or individuals can force someone into doing things even against their will. They have to do it for the benefit of the one in power. There are some forms of power though that can derive from good leadership.
Explain the difference between leadership and power.
The different between leadership and power are as follows; leadership motivate other to complete a task and power use the authority to get the task completed. It 's very easy to exercise power - but leadership comes from within the person. Power comes from positions of authority while leadership is an attribute that does not require power. The most important point is leadership and power work together. We have learned from our leadership book that effective and efficient along with how to be a great listener, work ethic, commitment and good communication skills are examples of leadership. Leadership encourages and makes followers while power intimidates and makes people follow commands out of fear.
How can it be balanced in the workplace?
I believe that you can balance the two by using the at least three of the different power such as Informational Power is where a person possesses needed or wanted information. This is a…

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