Leadership and People Essay example

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21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader

By: John Maxwell

Leadership Outline

1. Character 2. Charisma 3. Commitment 4. Communication 5. Competence 6. Courage 7. Discernment 8. Focus 9. Generosity 10. Initiative 11. Listening 12. Passion 13. Positive Attitude 14. Problem Solving 15. Relationships 16. Responsibility 17. Security 18. Self-Discipline 19. Servanthood 20. Teachibility 21. Vision

Character: “Leadership is the capacity and will to rally men to a common purpose and the character which inspires confidence.” • How a leader deals with the circumstances of life tells you many things about his character. Crisis doesn’t necessarily make character, but it
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It’s doing what you’re afraid to do. It’s having the power to let go of the familiar and forge ahead into new territory. • The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy. • Courage deals with principle, not perception. If you don’t have the ability to see when to stand up and the conviction to do it, you’ll never be an effective leader. • “Courage is contagious.” – “Fear limits a leader.” • “Fear not that your life will come to an end, but that it will never have a beginning.” • “What’s ironic is that those who don’t have the courage to take risks and those who do, experience the same amount of fear in life.”

Discernment: “Smart leaders believe only half of what they hear. Discerning leaders know which half to believe.” • Discernment = The ability to find the root of the matter, and it relies on intuition as well as rational thought. • “Nothing in life is to be feared, only to be understood.” • Discernment enables a leader to see a partial picture, fill in the missing pieces intuitively, and find the real heart of the matter. • The closer a leader is to his area of gifting, the stronger his intuition and ability to see root causes. If you want to tap into your discernment potential, work in your areas of strength. • “Never ignore a gut feeling, but never believe that it’s enough.”

Focus: “If you chase two

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