Essay on Leadership And Mentoring And Stem / Education

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Data alone doesn’t give a complete picture of an FRC team because of how human the experience is. We are a family, we are bound together by passion and we work with limitless persistence to create a lasting impact, and that can’t be measured by any number. Throughout each season, year after year, our team creates a lasting impact not only on the students and mentors involved, but the community around us. Whether working as an entire team, or in designated sectors, known as subteams, we are always innovative, we are efficient, we are assiduous, and we are CORE.


Our team emphasizes the students and leadership skills through leading a subteam as well as being a safety captain, project manager, or student spokesperson. Subteams are vital to the team, these small groups with an average 2:1 student-mentor ratio allows students to gain skills in depth while allowing the completion of a more efficient goal. These subteams are managed by the student leadership, where the project manager unites the robot related subteams, the student spokesperson deals with the entire team, and the safety captain develops our safety culture. Students have the opportunity to take responsibility, build confidence, and create many real-life skills that will be utilized throughout high school and beyond. These concepts are applied during the beginning of the season when students go through a process of consensus. Consensus is a decision method where…

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